Kevin Champeny
Copper  Bonsai
19”wide x 20”tall x 15” deep 8 lbs

Bonsai tree constructed from 150+ feet of copper coated steel, 36 gauge copper tooling foil.  150+ hand cut and patinated leaves. The tree is hand tied to the stone, no welding or glue of any kind was involved, tension alone holds the tree to the stone and the leaves to the branches.

Craig’s Story.


He was a quiet guy. The type of guy you pictured one day taking a gun out and going on a shooting rampage. He never spoke, just came to the gym in his dull, dingy attire and quietly lifted. From what I saw he was a forty something year old guy, who was overweight and worked out somewhat to keep in shape. Although he never bothered anyone I noticed that he was the butt of many insults and jokes in the gym, most the members had given him the name ‘Pigpen’ since no one seemed to know his real name and he never conversed with the members of the gym.

He was quite simply an enigma in the gym.

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